Inca Trail 2023 - Availability

Inca Trail Permits Availability 2023, 2023 Inca Trail permits are now open for reservation, you can ensure your spots with us and start planning a fantastic trek to Machu Picchu.

Inca Trail Reviews

Reviews - Inca Trail

There's no better way to find out about Explore Adventures than by hearing it from the people who have traveled with us. We invite you to peruse the following pages and check out

2022 Inca Trail Availability

2022 Inca Trail - Availability

Do you want to do the Inca Trail in 2022? Permits for the Inca Trail sell out like hotcakes and if you want to reach Machu Picchu in 2022, you better start planning your travels to Peru. Continue reading

inca Trail Packing List

Packing List - Inca Trail

Appropriate clothing along this hike to Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - Hiking pants and T-shirts are recommended during the day, complemented by sweaters, fleeces and waterproof

Inca Trail Prices

Services & Prices - Inca Trail

Inca Trail Prices. The cheapest trekking company may not always be the best, and the most expensive may be overcharging for the service.

Inca Trail - plan ahead

Plan Ahead - Inca Trail

Booking the Inca Trail in Advance - Never underestimate the importance of advanced Inca Trail reservations. Only 500 Inca Trail permits are issued for any given day, with about

Short inca trail for less

Short Inca Trail permits - For less

Explore Adventures Peru is the best budget inca trail tour operator - Cheap short Inca Trail Tour is designed for those trekkers, who prefer to get to budget travel such as the

Availability and permits Inca trail

Tickets Availability - Machu Picchu Hiking

The Inca Trail entrances can sell out several months in advance. Unlike the Machu Picchu entrance tickets you can't buy the trek permits yourself.  Only licensed Inca Trail Tour

Booking inca trail

Where and How to book - Inca Trail

Important Information for BOOKING the INCA TRAIL trekking for 2022 and 2023 Whether you are trekking the Inca Trail in 2022 it is recommended to reserve/secure your places as soon as possible.

Recommended inca trail operators

Recommended Inca Trail Companies

Focusing on high quality trekking experiences, Explore Adventures is highly recommended Inca Trail, operates treks and tours. Prices are a little higher than other Inca Trail

Inca Trail Regulations

Regulations - Inca Trail

Regulation of the Inca Trail Network of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu (HSM), recognized by the UNESCO as Cultural and Natural World Heritage. It includes the whole

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