Machu Picchu Sunrise Tour 2 days

Machu Picchu Sunrise Tour 2 days

Enjoy a relaxed overnight visit to the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu from Cusco, allowing you early access to this iconic archaeological site. Journey by train through the

beautiful river valley to the city of Aguas Calientes, where you’ll have time relax and explore town before settling in for the evening. Then wake up early for a sunrise visit at Machu Picchu, including a 2-hour guided tour plus time to explore this amazing ancient marvel on your own. Your trip also includes round-trip train tickets and bus transfer to Machu Picchu, one night of accommodations at a three-star hotel, breakfast and site entrance fee.


Huaypo Lake: This lake are located about 30min east of Cusco has become a  perfect setting for an outdoor picnic showcasing the delicious regional cuisine and traditional Andean products.  Huaypo Lake consists of a larger lake about 3km from Chacan and a smaller lake nearer to the town. 

Moray: About 7 km to the southwest of Maras; it is unique archaeological group in his sort in the region. One is depressions or gigantic natural holes in the surface of the land that were used to construct in their contours agricultural terraces or platforms with their respective channels of irrigation, is because a prototype of conservatory or biological experimental station enough outpost for his time that helped to that the American man of the antiquity inherited to the humanity a 60% of the vegetal products that consumes, the Andean man consume a thousand and average of diverse varieties of Potatoes, hundred and means of maize, and very many other products.

Salineras: Or salt mines: located to the northwest of the town of Maras are constituted by about 3000 small wells with an area average of about 5 ms², during the time of drought they fill or they water every 3 days with salt water that emanates of a located natural manante in the superior part of wells so that when evaporating the water, the salt contained in this one is solidified gradually. Later the salt is struck and thus granulated; the salt later will be pocketed in plastic bags and shipment to the markets of the region; today that salt is being iodized reason for which, its consumption is not harmful.

Chinchero church and village
Moray agricultural terraces
Maras village and nearby salt pans
Huaypo Lake overlooking the Sacred Valley.
Explore the Ollantaytambo ruins
Aguas calientes ( Hot springs )
Sunrise in Machu Picchu

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